Currently, there are 13 DERI researchers active in the Linked Data Research Centre (in alphabetic order):

Photo: Sarven Capadisli Sarven Capadisli

Linked Data interaction and interfaces

Photo: Richard Cyganiak Richard Cyganiak

Lead Linked Data architect

Photo: Dr. Michael Hausenblas Dr. Michael Hausenblas

LiDRC co-ordinator

Photo: Aftab Iqbal Aftab Iqbal

Linked Data for Software Engineering

Photo: Evangelos Kalampokis Evangelos Kalampokis

Linked Government Data

Photo: Dr. Marcel Karnstedt Dr. Marcel Karnstedt

Linked Stream Data, Databases

Photo: Nikos Loutas Nikos Loutas

Linked Government Data

Photo: Fadi Maali Fadi Maali

Linked Government Data

Photo: Dr.  Knud Möller Dr. Knud Möller

Linked Data publishing

Photo: Sean O'Riain Sean O'Riain

Linked Enterprise Data

Photo: Dr. Alexandre Passant Dr. Alexandre Passant

Linked Enterprise Data, Social Data

Photo: Dr. Matthias Samwald Dr. Matthias Samwald

Linked Data in Health Care and Life Sciences

Photo: Jürgen Umbrich Jürgen Umbrich

Dataset Dynamics